Why social media is important, well at least to me!

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As my time at Socialfly comes to an end, and I prepare to ship back up to school for my final year of college, I thought it would only be right to leave my blog with a few final words. I came into my summer internship at Socialfly knowing that I would advance my knowledge of social media, but not knowing how that would really impact my daily life and, well, me as an individual. After all of the research, content creation, blogging, and creative freedom I endured, I think I have come to some sort of final conclusion, a sort of realization of how social media can be misunderstood (even by those who think they know EVERYTHING about social media, and I could definitely have previously be included in that category) and even more importantly how I am sure it will only continue to progress in the future!

These next four points were the biggest misconceptions that I had about social media, each demonstrating how important social media is to brand presence, both individual and company-level success, and finally, how important it is to the world’s population.

One. Facebook is way more than a giant photo album. Okay so I’ll admit, the first thing I used to do on Facebook everyday was to check my news feed for my friend’s most recent photo additions (or “muploads”, mobile uploads, if you will) before looking at anything else. In my eyes Facebook used to be a giant folder for photos, photos of friends on vacations, photos of myself at last night’s concert, and most importantly… photos that I could use for my next profile picture. What I did not fully understand was the complexity and vastness of opportunities available on this social media platform. One can target specific markets, reach potentials fans an customers all around the globe, and implement strategies and advertisements that can boost a brand’s presence far beyond any traditional marketing tactics. So, a word to the wise, look beyond the photos and I promise you will be rewarded!

Two. Twitter is not only for celebrities. When I first joined Twitter I thought to myself: I am definitely not funny enough to tweet!! I would scroll my news feed and get lost in endless hashtags and celebrity posts and not have any idea of how to join the conversation. After my time at Socialfly I understand the importance of tweeting, of reaching out to your fan base or friend following, and of connecting on a personal level that is seldom achieved through any other social media platform! I have also realized that tweeting is better than not tweeting, that I shouldn’t be fearful of joining the conversation, and that 140 characters can generate an enormous impact!

Three. Instagram can be used for more than that magical filter that makes us all look so tan! Instagram is up there on my list of favorite applications and social media platforms, but only recently have I learned of the endless artistic opportunities available to individuals and brands alike. Instagram is an amazing tool to not only enhance your looks, but to keep your friends and followers updated with a live, personal, and lively photo or video. The personal touch that Instagram possess allows people to virtually walk in the shoes of another, to be in a company store or on a far away beach. With the camera at your fingertips, and the arsenal of effects only a few clicks away, the possibilities are truly endless.

Four. Pinterest is far more than a recipe book or fashion tutorial. At first glance, or to a beginner’s eye, Pinterest seems like an endless list of delicious recipes and amazing outfits. And even though it can be those things, it can also be a means of getting your brand, your products, your artwork, etc… on display for the world (well mostly for the women of the world) to see! Pinterest is more than pictures, it is links to brands and to websites, links that will provide you with even more of what you love! So start pinning and repining, you never know what you will find!

It is with these last four conclusions (all of which I hope were interesting and not to mushy or evidently corny) that I take what I have learned and move on to the next chapter of my college career! Who knows what will come next, but one thing I am sure of is that it will, without a doubt, include social media J

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