WhatsApp rolls out voice messaging!

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WhatsApp may have snuck quietly onto the scene of tech apps and social media, but the tiny startup is breaking the sound barrier with the introduce of its’ newest feature- voice messaging! With over 300 million active users, WhatsApp enables individuals to send messages between all types of mobile phones, as well as on different carriers in every country. Not only does the application allow users to send text messages across all barriers, but it also allows for group messaging, picture messaging, and now video messaging!

The best part of the new feature is the ease that the WhatsApp team has put into its usage. On the app, a user pushes a button to record a message and when he or she releases their finger the message will send. If a user decides they do not want to send the message than one swipes to the left and the recording is deleted. Furthermore, there is no limit to the length or extent of the video, and the sender knows when it has been heard by a little blue microphone that will appear near the message.


The best part? All 300 million users will have access to the application at the same time, as soon as it rolls out! Next an excuse to download? We’ll WhatsApp definitely just gave you one!!

If you use WhatsApp let us know what you like about the app and if you are using this new feature!!

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