RECAP: SocialLIVE Episode 112 with Ashley Kate Adams

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Looking for activities to get you in the Halloween spirit? We’ve got you covered with a one-night concert event. Actress, producer, and star of Gay Bride of Frankenstein, Ashley Kate Adams joined us to chat about the show. 

  • In the last week, Instagram rolled out two big new features! First, Instagram launched its QR Snapcode-style Nametags globally. We reported on this feature being tested earlier this year and now it is finally here. Though they aren’t technically QR codes, Nametags make it easy for people to find you when scanned. Instagram is also testing school communities in universities across the U.S. that allow users to show their school pride via a line in their bio. 
  • Instagram has made another major step that demonstrates their commitment to ensuring users aren’t bullying others on the platform. Through machine learning technology, the app now has the capability to scan photos to detect for bullying, flag it, and send it on to review.
  • Last week, Facebook announced its first major venture into the hardware space with Facebook Portal. The video camera can follow users around their homes while they video chat. The goal is to make it easier to move around and create more of an AR experience.
  • It is the 10th Anniversary the cult-classic rock musical Gay Bride of Frankenstein! Actress, producer, and star, Ashley Kate Adams sat down with us to discuss what the show means to her and some of her upcoming, and very exciting, projects. 

Watch the full episode HERE! 

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