Do couples who Facebook together stay together?

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A recent Mashable article got me thinking… what will happen to the world of Facebook when posting a “relationship” status is not enough publicity, and newly engaged or married couples want more cohesion? According to Mashable, “Couple’s aren’t just racing to the alter; they’re racing to share social media!” This notion was interesting to me, as I feel strongly that some independence in a relationship is essential. But can merging two Facebook accounts into one actually strengthen the bond between a wife and her husband?

It can be said that as one gets older their social circle shrinks, and generally a couple has very similar if not identical friends groups and shared interests. With that being said, it may be easier and more convenient to get in touch with family and friends, answer messages, posts, and tweets, and stay on top of your friends recent news and whereabouts. For couples who feel inseparable and can actually finish each other’s words and thoughts this Facebook joint venture may be a true success!

However, I would advice one to thoroughly think through the move before combining accounts, or, have a trial run and test the waters for a month and then decide to have individual or combined accounts.

What are your thoughts? Should social media be a way to demonstrate individuality, or is a couple’s account the natural progression of life and the future of social media?



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