What Was #Trending in May?

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May has officially come and gone, and with it came a slew of trending topics. We may have never even known that the month was coming up, had it not been for the ever-trending Justin meme. You know the one.


But alas, we were fortunately reminded of the month by our fave ‘N Sync star and also subsequently let down by his latest release (you can’t just tease a new release and then drop a DREAMWORKS SINGLE ON US, JUSTIN!). But in case you missed out on “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” (seriously Justin – why?!) as well as everything else that went viral in May, we’re here to catch you up.



Okay, so the series technically started on April 24 this year, but it has been trending almost every day in May, so we’re going to count it. If you haven’t seen #GoT yet, you probably already know what’s going on because social media loves to spoil each and every episode. And if you’ve managed to avoid spoilers thus far, we have mad respect for you and promise not to spoil anything, but also suggest you start watching soon because we can’t Hold the Door of spoilers back for too long.




2. Speaking of TV, Will JoJo Find Love?

Probably, because Aaron Rodgers’ brother is on this season of The Bachelorette. 531014450_jojo-fletcher-jordan-zoom-6465944c-0fba-4a62-824c-6517bfaabc71

Just look at them! We basically don’t even need to watch the rest of the season because we can already tell who’s going to win. But if you are going to watch, we’ve put together a few tips for live tweeting the show.


3. Politicians Still Trying To Figure Out Social Media

Yeah, we know, this isn’t really news to anyone. But Hillary is still attempting to rope in millennials with her sassy Twitter presence and Donald Trump is still in the running despite posts like this:

Yes, he actually posted that. No, we don’t want to comment on it further.



4. Instagram Got a Makeover

Is it a good makeover? As far as UX goes, yes, but we have some major feelings about the new app icon. This tweet pretty much sums up all of our feelings:


5. But Can We Really Trust What’s Trending?

In case you haven’t heard, it turns out Facebook may be manipulating what has gone viral recently. Which may be why Donald Trump’s questionable post didn’t go nearly as viral on Facebook as it did on Twitter.

Anyway, that’s all we have for May. We’ll be keeping an eye on the latest and greatest trends, memes, and viral videos in June, so stay tuned for an update next month. Until then, we’ll leave you with this so you don’t forget what month we’re in:


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