Influencer Spotlight: Simply Audree Kate

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Blogger, stylist, fashion editor, and industry consultant. @simplyaudreekate is taking Instagram and the fashion industry by storm. Between juggling multiple hats (both in fashion and in life), she found time to share some of her wisdom with other aspiring bloggers and fashionistas through her Fashion Fundamentals eBook. We caught up with Audree to learn more about what’s trending in her world!

  1. How did you decide to make the jump into being a full-time influencer?

It was a natural progression when I left a full-time job. I was working at Redbook magazine as a fashion assistant and left to pursue freelance writing and styling, which gave me the freedom to blog full-time. I have been blogging in total for six years now! In addition to the blog, I am the freelance fashion editor at, where I style for various brands and publications through my styling label Audree Kate Studios, and I’m an industry consultant. Earlier this year I launched an ebook called Fashion Fundamentals: Internships, Networking and Social Media. It’s a fashion industry introductory guide for college students, and I also host personal branding workshops at college universities.

  1. What’s something your followers would be surprised to learn about you?

I never thought I would be blogging or doing Simply Audree Kate as a career. I started the blog as a way to build my resume in college and focused on DIY sewing tutorials, trend reports, and fashion show coverage. It was a very technical and industry related blog but has expanded to focus more on my personal style and life. It has been a fun transition to see what the blog has become.

  1. What’s something you never leave home without?

My phone, phone charger, and breath mints. I am always running around town to meetings, photo shoots, and events, so I need to make sure I have my essentials.

  1. Do you have any tips to share with fellow bloggers about making connections with brands?

Do your research about the brand, provide all of your metrics and info, and make a genuine connection with the person. Don’t blindly reach out and ask for a product, money or sponsorship.

  1. What would be your dream brand to collaborate with?

My dream collaborations would be with Chanel or Valentino!

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