The Art of the Flatlay

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Are you hooked on Instagram’s “flatlay” trend? We don’t blame you. Many a blogger has used the flatlay to showcase their #OOTD look or strategically stylize their latest purchase or food spread.

Don’t let the calculated disorder of the flatlay deceive you – mastering this Insta-trend takes patience, timing, and oversight. Here are a few of our tips to mastering a flatlay that will inspire and excite your Insta-community.

Focus on Natural Light

Dimly lit space is the enemy. When shooting a flatlay, focus on using natural, even light to illuminate the items within the frame and eliminate shadow.

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Experiment with Your Subject(s)

Don’t be afraid to rearrange and sort your items so they are at their best angles and illuminated within your space. We love to push in additional items, like gentle florals and jewelry to fill empty space and reflect a feminine lifestyle.

Choose a Fitting Background

Most consultants will tell you that a neutral background is best for a flatlay, but we at Socialfly are not afraid of a challenge. Though neutral backgrounds are much simpler to take a flatlay with, try mixing it up with colored backgrounds if you are using neutral products and items to fill the frame.

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Rock the Crop

We’re not talking about shirts here; we’re talking about what’s in the frame on your camera. Many flatlay amateurs are frightened of cutting off items within their imagery, but selective cropping allows for a more natural, functional look.

Compliment Your Colors

Color inside the lines – keep your tones relevant and similar to add consistency to the photograph.

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Go Above & Beyond

Keep your flatlays FLAT. Shoot straight from overhead with no tilt or angle.

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We think it’s time for you to test your flatlay skills! Comment below with your next flatlay image using our tips and tricks.

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