Top 5 Brands to Follow on Snapchat

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Snapchat may have started out as a self-deleting photo messaging app, but over the past four years it has transformed into so much more. Since the unveiling of Snapchat Stories, a feature that allows users to post content that can be viewed an unlimited amount of times over a 24-hour period, the platform has become a major player for marketers and advertisers. While the true benefit of marketing on Snapchat is still being tested, many brands are putting their presence on the platform to good use. Check out some of our favorite Snapchatting brands below:

1. BuzzFeed – Username: BuzzFeed (found in the “Discover” section)
BuzzFeed’s Snapchat profile, which can be found in the app’s “Discover” section, is well worth checking out. BuzzFeed updates its story each day with fun, fresh content that ranges from pop culture references, to delicious recipes, to funny videos and more. BuzzFeed also makes good use of the fact that users can share stories from Discover with their friends. Often, the BuzzFeed Discover stories have at least one user participation post, such as the emoji face seen below.


2. Ipsy – Username: ipsyofficial
Love beauty products? Us too! Ipsy is the perfect Snapchatting brand for the fun-loving beauty queen. Ipsy posts a plethora of content such as product sneak peeks, live event Snaps, makeover photos, and fun videos. Recently, Jessica Alba visited the Ipsy studios and the whole event was live-Snapped on the brand’s story.
3. Taco Bell – Username: tacobell
We know what you’re thinking… this brand is just going to post pictures of Cheesy Gordita Crunches and packets of Fire Sauce. However, for a food brand, Taco Bell posts a surprising assortment of content on Snapchat. Recently, it promoted Feed the Beat, a program where Taco Bell sponsors bands on tour by giving them free food. It also used this promotion to share snippets of songs performed by Feed the Beat bands, allowing underground bands to reach a broad audience. By mixing up the type of content that it shares, Taco Bell has established itself as a top Snapchatting brand.

IMG_0441 4. ASOS – Username: asosfashion
This British-based clothing company is on top of its Snapchat game. The company regularly shares a variety of content to its story. When users follow ASOS, they get a backstage pass to the brand’s photoshoots, product reveals, and videos of its clothing and accessories being worn IRL. By regularly posting interesting content, the brand is taking its fans from passive to active followers who look forward to seeing new ASOS content each day.

IMG_0456 5. Socialfly – Username: socialflyny
Not to sound biased, but our Snapchat is pretty great. Want to stay up to date with everything that we have going on? Follow us! We utilize the platform as a way to share a behind-the-scenes look into our daily office life. From video clips of us celebrating fun events to pics of us working on projects, our Snapchat has it all. Plus, since we’re a social media agency, you have the added benefit of seeing us use all of Snapchat’s newest features as they are released. You better believe we’ve been making good use of those selfie Lenses!


Despite the fact that Snapchat has been around since 2011, Snapchat Stories weren’t released until October of 2013, making last month the two year anniversary of the feature. In that time, we’ve watched the platform grow from a personal messaging app to a viable marketing tool for social media managers everywhere. We’re excited to see how marketers will continue to tap into this platform as it shifts and changes throughout the years to come!

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