The Ads From The Big Game That We’re Still Talking About

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As many knows, the Super Bowl has become one of, if not the biggest, marquee advertising events of the year. This year was no different as the top ads quickly became the main topic of all social media content for days to come.

Below, I rank the top five commercials and why they deserve their placement.

  1. The best commercial was the NFL’s commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. The NFL knew that Giants fans hated the teams in this years game, and they seized the opportunity. Getting Eli Manning’s name out during a game with the Patriots is a genius way to get any football fan talking. Additionally, after a year with decreased viewership, it was good for the NFL to go with a humorous commercial to edge their way back into people’s good graces.
  2. In second place is Tide’s Inception-esque series of commercials. Through a series of four hilarious spoofs, Tide managed to stay top of mind throughout the intensity of the game. Additionally, people got excited about the creative, sneaky ads and our feeds were full of social media content from people talking about the brand.
  3. The third best commercial is the iconic, Danny DeVito and M&M’s commercial. There is something far too perfect about the red M&M turning into Danny DeVito as a human. This commercial is brilliant because it continues the trend of light-hearted advertising campaigns that M&M is known for while packing a new punch with the Danny DeVito reveal.
  4. The next best commercial was Australia’s tourism advertisement. The commercial had a lot going on, but it’s all good. The star power in the commercial alone makes you want to visit Australia, and that’s before you address the incredible PR campaign for a fake movie. For me, this screams dedication. The advertising slot was innovative and humorous and showed how Australia is a cool, laid back, and beautiful vacation destination.
  5. Coming in fifth place is Toyota’s incredibly moving commercial about Lauren Woolstencroft, an eight-time gold medal-winning Paralympic alpine skier. What moved me about this commercial was how incredibly effective it was. Toyota grabbed your attention and made sure it stayed on the screen. By the end of the commercial, Lauren’s story and message of resilience touched audiences and viewers ascribe that feeling to Toyota. This advertising strategy is an effective way for people to remember your brand and build trust with your audience. Hats off to Toyota!Which commercials caught your attention? Tweet us with your thoughts on who scored the winning spot!

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