The 4 Cardinal “C’s” of Social Media!

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These 4 “C’s”, each related to a different social media platform, should be leveraged, loved, and utilized on a daily basis. It may seem like a lot to remember but social media can always be fun as long as you think creatively and optimistically. Each of the 4 “C’s” have unique qualities that can boost your brand awareness and success. Learn more about each one below!

One- Community.  The first Cardinal C is Community! Facebook is definitely an important platform for building your online community. The defining dynamic of Facebook is the way in which it allows you to identify as part of a community and reach out to other communities, while demonstrating your likes, passions, and friend groups. The very premise of Facebook is social networking, which revolves around the interaction of people and the construction of communities. The more active your brand is on Facebook, the larger your community of clients, fans, and followers will grow! It is not simply enough for your followers to like your page, in order to create a thriving community there must be interaction and communication. This is where Facebook advertising, contests, and content posts are extremely crucial, everyone wants to feel important and Facebook can help your business achieve that sense of loyalty!

Two- Conversation.  The second Cardinal C is Conversation, which is constantly taking place (whether your paying attention or not!) on Twitter. Twitter is incredibly important because it presents you with a forum to maintain a constant stream of conversation about what is trending, what your brand is doing, and how your followers and fans feel about what you are doing. This gives you a chance to answer direct questions or thank those who mention your company in a positive light! Each brand should be using twitter to reach out personally to their follower base, maintain a constant stream of conversation, and demonstrate what is trending within their business!

Three- Creativity.  The third Cardinal C is creativity, the importance of creativity in social networking and marketing is that it allows your brand to establish a distinct name for itself, while differentiating your products, goods or services from that of your competitors. On Pinterest, one can create “boards” to illustrate  what you love while allowing you to connect to your fans! This is one platform where creativity is of upmost importance! The brands who take the time to pin, re-pin, and create original photographs or artwork will benefit from the loyalty and likes that will inevitably come from their followers.

Four- Capture.  The last Cardinal C is Capture, which relates to the importance of photography and videography in social media marketing and networking! Everyone should be showcasing activities, and events to demonstrate to your followers what your company has been up to! People love to scroll through the stream of live pictures and videos on Instagram and Vine and bring life to the company that have been following. By capturing unique images and daily activities one can illustrate what they are up too, relate to the public, and demonstrate how fun-loving and adventurous they can be!

Enjoy each network, and see the benefits of your social media usage and knowledge! What platform is your favorite?! Let us know how you utilize these Cardinal “C’s”!

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