A how-to guide for Facebook graph search!

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One week ago Facebook officially launched their graph search platform, and I have begun to see the benefits that can be attributed to the new search engine, as well as all of the fun both you and your friends can have discovering new communities and fun facts! The platform can be fun, rewarding, and useful, but it also takes a certain degree of practice and “search knowledge”!

The platform provides users with a more in depth tool to search friends, photos, locations, school communities, and so much more! Furthermore, the search engine provides users with the ability to ask questions about the previously mentioned subject topics and discover even more about their friends and communities.

Below are a few tips for utilizing your time with graph search!

One. Get started! Like all new platforms, the search engine can be confusing and intimidating at first but all it takes is one leap of faith and a few minutes of your time and curiosity. Follow the instructions provided by Facebook and then dive into the engine head first! Start by searching your friend communities, your locations, and your school networks. These simple searches will open your eyes and begin your journey with the search engine!

Two. Ask Questions! After you have a feel for the engine take your searches one step further. You can try asking questions about your locations and your friends! For example, one could ask “which of my friends are graduating from Cornell in 2013”. Find out more about your friends and make new connections you never knew you had!

Three. Discover something new! This button, found at the bottom of the “refine search” section allows you to discover new or old friends and learn more about what is currently going on in your circles and communities!

What have you discovered while searching?

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