04 Dec Instagram Reels: All the Rage

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It is no surprise that vertical video is all the rage when it comes to social media. With a current audience that is glued to their mobile devices, vertical video gives..

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23 Oct Production Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Socialfly Studios has reopened after a COVID-related hiatus and is back up and running for full photo and video production. Despite the addition of temperature checks, masks, and social distancing on ..

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25 Sep Video Innovation and Copycats: The Latest Updates

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It should be no surprise that social media platforms are constantly looking to mimic the newest functions and apps that populate today’s digital landscape. Instagram,..

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14 Jun Vertical Vs. Landscape Video on IGTV: A Debate

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IGTV has taken on a new design that now allows you to upload videos in landscape format. In the app’s original launch, videos have only been visible in vertical posit..

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12 Sep Vine vs. Instagram: Can both co-exist?

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Today’s Vine vs. Instagram debate has more ..

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