Production Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Socialfly Studios has reopened after a COVID-related hiatus and is back up and running for full photo and video production. Despite the addition of temperature checks, masks, and social distancing on set, Socialfly is hitting the ground running creating awesome custom content for clients.

Creative energy is buzzing as staff, crew, and talent are finally reunited on set for some quality in-person collaboration. The disruption caused by COVID-19 was a forced time out for all things production-related, but this pause provided time for creatives to step back from content creation and really think outside of the box, ultimately coming back to the table with better ideas to make an even bigger splash in the social and digital space.

The world we live in has been turned upside down, and the products and services people now need are very different too. The current digital climate requires an entirely new and unique social media strategy. Each piece of social content has to serve a specific purpose and really add value for the viewer. Now more than ever, fans are looking to brands to really be a content destination on social media. The bar is even higher for creating thumb stopping content and has resulted in a social media space that is even more engaging and impactful.

For production specifically, this means finding new ways to plus up custom content. The creative needs to break through an even more saturated social scene, so thinking outside of just traditional photo and video content is crucial. This could mean utilizing something like stereoscopic photography, reimagining how stop motion-style video comes to life, or capturing something completely new and unique to social media content. The post-COVID production world may have a lot more rules to adhere to, but it has pushed the boundaries of creativity to new and exciting places.

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