17 Mar 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Influencer Campaigns

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With the influencer marketing industry growing YoY and more brands investing dollars into influencer campaigns, we’re providing expert insight into the simple downfal..

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18 Nov Influencer Partnerships Keep Marketing Alive During Global Pandemic

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Consumer behavior is a vital source of information. It’s been studied for decades by psychologists. Fun fact – female shop..

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19 Jun Top Black Female Content Creators To Follow in 2020

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Looking to get inspired for the weekend? Trying to learn more about influencer marketing and  content creation? Check out these experts and let us know your thoughts!


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12 Mar Becoming a Certified Social Media Influencer

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26 Dec Top Influencer Marketing Tips & Tricks for 2020

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Influencer marketing continues to gain momentum and 2019 showed that brands are investing big money in partnerships with digital talent. As a constantly evolving space ..

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13 Mar LinkedIn’s Newest Feature: Blogging

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