Top Influencer Marketing Tips & Tricks for 2020

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Influencer marketing continues to gain momentum and 2019 showed that brands are investing big money in partnerships with digital talent. As a constantly evolving space though, it’s crucial for businesses to stay on top of emerging influencer marketing trends to stay relevant. Let’s look at what we predict to change in 2020, along with our top tips for putting a fresh spin on your influencer campaigns:

Influencer Marketing – Landscape Updates:

TikTok Will Gain in Popularity

This fun new video platform is catching on quickly. Instagram stars are just starting to jump over to TikTok and create content for their fans. We expect more and more influencers will begin using the platform in 2020. It’s a great opportunity for brands to become early adopters of the platform and begin collaborating with influencers who are already using TikTok.

Whitelisting Will be Used More Often

In 2019, we saw a spike in businesses putting additional advertising spend behind influencer content. Whitelisting the posts in this manner allows brands to amplify the value of the sponsored content and drive conversions. We anticipate seeing this tactic used even more next year.

Pricing Will Continue to Rise

This year we saw pricing for deliverables from influencers begin to rise, especially during key sales moments like the holiday season. We recommend allowing extra budget for competitive sales times as well as when you need to purchase the rights to use content in digital advertisements.

Expect Fewer Grid Posts & More Instagram Stories from Influencers

Instagram is still the most popular platform for influencer marketing campaigns. This year influencers started posting less frequently on their grids, and focused on the quality of the content over quantity. They also turned their attention and energy to Instagram Stories. With a more authentic vibe and the ability to drive website traffic, we expect Instagram Stories to carry even more value in 2020 campaigns. 

Our Top Five Influencer Marketing Tips for 2020:

  • Dedicate budget to whitelisting influencer content. You will most likely see a much better conversion rate! 
  • Experiment with activating influencers on other platforms outside of Instagram including TikTok. You never know what platform will work best for you brand until you test them out. 
  • Create a year-long comprehensive influencer marketing approach that includes longer term partnerships with larger influencers as well as an “always on” approach with smaller influencers. Long term partnerships allow for more authenticity and better package rates. An always on approach guarantees continuous buzz on social media for your brand.
  • Activate Instagram Story intensive campaigns when your goal is to drive website traffic or profile visits to your brand’s Instagram page. 
  • Partner with micro influencers as content creators for your business. Display their content across your brand’s digital media channels so that you maximize the value of the collaboration. 


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