Live Tweeting Has Never Been Better: The Story of the 89th Academy Awards

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Dust the popcorn off your couch, fire up your Twitter engines, and get ready to throw some likes at the best live tweets from last night’s 89th Academy Awards ceremony – because Hollywood’s biggest night came packed with incredible outfits, instantly GIF-able moments, and a bizarre envelope-switcharoo that threw the audience and the Twitter-verse for a loop. Yes, I’m talking about the moment when the cast and crew of La La Land realized mid-acceptance speech that there had been a horrible mistake of Steve Harvey-proportions, and Moonlight had in fact won the award for Best Picture. I could describe the scenario further, but I’ll let the best corners of the internet do that for you instead below.

    1. This accurate description of how Viola Davis makes all of us feel.

  1. The swoon-worthy Dev Patel, reacting to the cutest co-star he’ll ever work with – Sunny Pawar.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel’s attempt to get 45’s attention live during the award ceremony.

  1. The only way to handle this mix-up.

  1. How Mahershala Ali more-than-likely looked at his statuette last night.

  1. This shocking revelation from Ryan Gosling.

  1. Twitter, Before the Best Picture Incident (B.B.P.I.).

  1. Twitter, After the Best Picture Incident (A.B.P.I.).

  1. It kept getting better.

  1. We reached peak Twitter.

  1. Netflix tied in some self-advertising.

  1. And Seinfeld Current Day, had the best moment of their tweeting career.

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