16 Dec The Big 1-6: Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out for in the New Year

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11 Dec Facebook Safety Check

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Have you heard of Facebook’s “Safety Check” feature? If you had friends in France during the time of the Paris terror attacks last month, it’s likely that you saw this feature in action.

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09 Dec Socialfly Sessions: "Win's Women of Wisdom"

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Win Charles, author of podcast “Win’s Women of Wisdom,” recently interviewed Socialfly co-foun..

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11 Nov 4 Simple Rules For Creating the Perfect Hashtag Campaign

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01 Aug Facebook presents their take on TBT with "On This Day"!

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Have you ever had a hard time remembering events when they don’t directly effect you and your life, even if they are momentous and important? I myself feel like I sometimes have trouble remembering wh..

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22 Jul Countdown to the Royal Baby!

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As soon as I woke up this morning, my news feed, inbox, and twitter account were stormed with news and rumors about the royal baby to be. What will the baby look like? Will it be a girl or a boy? Coul..

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19 Jul Twitter abbreviations and conversation tips!

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With all the acronyms and abbreviations on the internet it can be hard to differentiate lol from lmk from RT or TGIF (if there is already confusion those abbreviations are Laugh out Loud, Let me know,..

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16 Jul Stickers on Facebook Chat!

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Part of the fun of Imessaging and android texting comes from the use of Emojicons! The inventive application that provides users with a ton of fun mini stickers; ranging from food items, to flags, to ..

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25 Jun Hashtags as Subtitles, Social Media on Television!

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Last night, as I watched this summer’s guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette season 9, I couldn’t help but notice the role of Social Media on television. As the show continued, and Desiree went on each of..

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14 Jun Facebook continues to conquer the world of social media, one hashtag at a time!

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Even when we all thought Facebook couldn’t possibility get any better, or add any special features to get us as followers even more entranced and involved, they have now added hashtags to their platfo..

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