Social Media Content: How To Unlock Strategic Thinking

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At Socialfly, we value thoughtful process! The way we work as a team is designed around innovation and strategic thinking. In this blog, we highlight our strategic approach to building a social media content strategy.

Let’s start from the top.

Our philosophy is rooted in hard-working creative content, smart distribution tactics, (social media advertising) and audience intelligence. One doesn’t work without the other, and data is at the core of each element.

Our process follows three high-level key pillars:

  1. Insights & Strategy
  2. Social Media Content
  3. Paid Media Planning & Social media Optimization


Insight & Strategy

In this first pillar, we design a client’s social ambition based on their business ambitions. Once this roadmap is set in place, our research phase begins which powers the overarching strategic approach and communication ideas.

It’s important to continually disrupt and push this phase through new tools, technology, education, and thought-leadership.

When developing a social ambition it’s also a wonderful time to design client workshops to push innovation, and new ways of thinking to better understand consumer business, budget structure, consumer needs, pain-points, brand voice, platform opportunities, state of competition, desired audiences and more!

Social Media Content

Next, comes social media content! It’s important to gather market, industry, and personal insights before launching the creative process. Once that data is in hand, the creative process begins.

At Socialfly, our creative content is social-first by design. It’s key to think about how creative concepts resonate with audiences in the right environment.

Creative should connect with authority, feel immersive, business-driven and connected. In order to get there here are a few tips:

  1. Craft a consistent tone and personality
  2. Develop clear messaging and CTA
  3. At the end of the day, it should add relevant value to the viewer
  4. Overall, creative should appear eye-catching


Media Planning & Execution

A crucial part of the strategic process is media planning. This stage is powered by data and once executed, is optimized and should evolve in look and feel on a consistent basis based on the results.

The technical set-up is key to project a powerful message. From leveraging pixels to placing ads for success, it’s a crucial piece of the performance pie.

After the execution phase comes reporting! This is the time to deep dive into audience behaviors, ROI and creative to tweak and power the following strategy, website updates, business structure and much more!

We hope you enjoyed taking an insider look at how we work at a high-level here at Socialfly. Tweet us @socialfly with your tips to create a comprehensive social media strategy!

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