Social Media Content: Why Quality and Consistency Count

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Social media content is a direct representation of the quality and tone of your brand. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep a consistent look and feel throughout your feed. Showing attention to detail, and following a strategy demonstrates the brand is doing proper research on their consumers. This sends a message to the audience that the brand has everything under control. Brands that pay attention to their audience on social are also more likely to pay attention to the quality of their products.

Spending time and effort on making quality content, is spending time and effort in making quality products. A brand that is all over the place on their Instagram feed, is more likely to be all over the place in all aspects of the business. By planning and executing a strategy to create quality content, customers can trust the brand is likely doing the same across the board.

For example, a jewelry brand posting images of hand models holding hot dogs one week and Fendi bags the next sends a mixed message. Are they using their social voice to tell us their jewelry is cheap and quick, or expensive and luxurious? If the content is consistent, customers learn about the price, quality, and style of the brand. Featuring expensive props and locations highlights the quality of the jewelry as opposed to a minimal setting.

A wonderful example of high-quality content that reflects the goals and personality of the business, is our client Body Space Fitness. After working closely with our team to define their goals on social media, our creative team conceptualized new ways to elevate their content with GIFS and action shots of people in the gym while highlighting the core values of the gym.

All these subliminal details are extremely important when planning out social media content for your brand. Stick with a clear, concise message that’s consistent in everything you post. To avoid confusion, make sure the creative reflects that message. Provide them with the confidence they need when making the next move toward becoming your customer. Interested in developing a social media strategy? Contact us today!

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