Snapchat Reaches for The Sky Filters

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Snapchat is at it again! Snapchat’s introduction of a new augmented-reality feature that lets users paint the sky, is the latest development, in the never-ending battle between Instagram and Snapchat. According to TechCrunch,‘Sky Filters,’ can “automatically detect the sky in your images and allows you to repaint them with totally different atmospheric looks.

Snapchat began rolling this feature out on both Android and iOS early last week. The available filters will vary day by day: one day you may have the storm clouds and rainbow filters; and the next starry skies and sunsets filters.

My biggest takeaway from this announcement is the ongoing focus of AR effects on Snapchat. This update is an innovative move from  Snap, Inc as AR is projected to become an integral component of brand marketing strategies in the future. The Sky Filters follow the introduction of World Lenses, and my new favorite feature – 3D Bitmoji (True Life: bitmoji me is better at staying hydrated than IRL me.)

Although I love Instagram Stories, I wouldn’t consider leaving Snapchat because of the app’s AR features, and filter selection is much better than Instagram. Here at Socialfly, we are super excited to follow the progression of the filters.

The days of the same cliche sunset snaps from every one of your Snapchat friends are long over!

PS – Fun Fact: Sky Filters were announced within days of Snapchat’s 6th birthday. We’d love to hear about which of the Sky Filters are your favorite? Are there any others you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below!

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