Competition Between Facebook and LinkedIn Intensifies

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In recent months, LinkedIn has focused on updates that encourage users to continue to share social media content even after they’ve scored a job. The site most known for professional networking between employers and job seekers has launched new features including video uploads, allowing users to share their clips through the iOS or Android mobile app. They also took a page out of Facebook’s book by launching their LinkedIn Audience Network, allowing advertisers to purchase inventory on a network of mobile sites and apps outside of LinkedIn, while using LinkedIn’s demographic data to broadcast sponsored content.  

Facebook Wants To Know Your Job Status

Facebook, on the other hand, continues to compete with LinkedIn when it comes to recruitment services and social media content. The site is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to not only create resumés using their “work histories” feature but also distribute them privately on the site. This acts as a follow-up to the development of Facebook’s recruitment advertising for businesses that launched in February. With recruitment advertising, business pages can share employment opportunities through social media content on the “Jobs” tab on their page. Users that see this on their feed can hit “Apply Now” to send an application via Facebook Messenger. One is also able to search for job ads by location and keywords.   

At a glance, the resumé feature seems like an extension of the “Education” and “Experience” details under one’s contact information. The difference is that under the resumé feature, the information doesn’t post directly to one’s profile but can be presented when applying for a job.

Naturally, any Facebook user would be hesitant to attach a resumé to their profile when first hearing about this feature. Many would fret at the thought of a possible employer being able to view his or her private profile. The new feature combines all information for potential employers into a single, professional suite, separate from personal posts. 

The number of Facebook users that currently have access to trial the resumé feature is unclear. Rolling out a trail of Facebook’s resumé feature intensifies their competition with LinkedIn. Facebook never seems to slow down when it comes to being ahead of the online social curve.

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