Social Media Celebrates #LoveWins

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On June 26, 2015, The Supreme Court ruled all same-sex marriage bans are illegal and, along with Socialfly, the nation responded in celebration. If you didn’t notice the debate over same-sex marriage had made it to the Supreme Court, you certainly did after the news broke! Millions of Americans took to social media to commemorate the historical moment and express their support for gay marriage.

This is not the first time social media platforms became the go-to for raving (or ranting) after a big news break. If anything, it has become the norm to weigh in on your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram when nation or worldwide events happen. These platforms practically encourage you to do so as they identify trending topics across the nation for you.

Imagine if social media were around when we landed on the moon! The Internet would have been buzzing about Neil Armstrong. The hashtag #OneSmallStepForMan would have been trending on Twitter worldwide!

There’s no doubt that the recent ruling on marriage equality is monumental, and the role that different social media platforms played during the aftermath is definitely notable.

Twitter encouraged users to post #Pride and #LoveWins as hashtags and unveiled a new rainbow heart emoji that would accompany any tweet that featured them. By the end of the weekend 11 million tweets sported the groovy graphic.


Facebook unveiled an app that would put a rainbow filter over any user’s profile picture. This was a great move because it allowed almost 26 million users to show support for marriage equality without having to make a formal status.


Even Snapchat stepped in to show support by adding a “Breaking News” story entirely dedicated to snaps on marriage equality!


Many social media platforms took great initiative in showing support for marriage equality as they made it easy (and fun) for their users to show support for this groundbreaking moment in history. Facebook and Twitter stepped up to the plate and made sure cheers of love dominated the Internet no matter where your browser took you.

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