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Do you have what it takes to build up your company in the social media world?

Instagram has become a popular option for brands to promote their products and services. Though it’s a great tool to showcase your products for consumers, it isn’t as easy as just snapping a photo and posting it on the platform. Follow the guidelines below to begin your business venture into Instagram.

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  1. Stay True to Your Brand – Keep your account cohesive to draw in your viewers and create a brand statement and lifestyle.
  2. Share Your Experiences – Show your audience the world behind your brand and product.
  3. Know Your Audience – Learn what captivates your audience to further explore how you can gain new customers.


  1. Use Lines to Your Advantage – Use the flow of diagonal and straight lines to lead your user to the important subject within the image.
  2. Cut Things Off – Form an image composition that features the product – however, don’t be afraid to cut into the frame and make the image a bit more interesting.
  3. Think Lifestyle – Showcase the lifestyle you want to portray and try your best to stick to that theme.
  4. Flatlay – This popular Instagram trend works well for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty products. Take your image directly from the top of your “set” and make sure your phone is straight as possible when taking these images.


    1. Natural lighting is your friend! Use it to your advantage. Shooting in daylight will give you the best results when using a phone camera.
    2. Take photos at different angles. Choosing may be overwhelming, but you’ll regret not taking enough – especially if it was food and you just devoured it in 10 seconds.
    3. Clear Photos – Make sure you focus on your subject; it helps to tap your phone screen where you want to focus.


When editing your photos, make sure you keep the same cohesiveness throughout all your pictures so when it comes time to post, they’ll flow seamlessly on Instagram. Check out our top editing apps:

  1. VSCOcam
  2. Snapseed
  3. Afterlight

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