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Living in New York City the past few weeks has made it seem as if a summer full of sunshine was not on the horizon. You may not even have realized that the official first day of summer was just last Sunday on June 21st. Thankfully, just as it arrived, the beautiful NYC weather has finally kicked in. We can only hope that it stays this way the rest of the season!

Now that summer is here, where are you?


If you’re also from the New York City area and spend an abundant amount of time on social media, you are more than likely to have already been following some sort of food account (who doesn’t love food or even a good food gram). Instagram has become a vital tool today. From posting pictures, to the occasional stalking, and even to dodging the double-tap on a post from 82 weeks ago, Instagram has began to play a key role in where we choose to dine.

Instagram provides us with an endless amount of options through the many accounts solely dedicated to photos of food with the perfect angle/lighting/background/filter. Take advantage of these great opportunities this summer; try out some of the delicious food posted, and even amp up your own Insta feed by taking some of your own food photos.


If you don’t follow any food accounts, what are you waiting for! Here are a few previews of some of the most popular to get your taste buds moving.





Take advice from one of the most popular food accounts and visit one of Socialfly’s tastiest clients, Treat House, which was featured on the account 12 weeks ago!




204K Followers 3





Travelling this summer? Take advantage of the world as your background and tag @GirlEatWorld.









In addition to spending a sufficient amount of time scrolling down these accounts, take the initiative and post your own pictures. But don’t forget to tag these accounts! Maybe with a little luck and some Photoshop, your foodgram will get featured.


Quick tips to success:

  1. Try some apps such as VSCO Cam, Afterlight, and Snapseed to get the right brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness that your photo might need.
  2. Use the common hashtags to get featured on the Instagram feeds above: #foodintheair #NYCFAT #girleatworld #newforkcity #eeeeeats


Hope to see your post on the gram, good luck!

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