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Instagram Stories has gone from simple to shoppable by adding a new sticker to the mix. Earlier this month, the app announced that users will be able to shop beyond their Instagram feeds by taking the tag to Stories.

Instagram prides itself as the go-to visual app for all things photo and video, so it’s the perfect place for brands to convert sales. Long-gone is the days of screenshotting and hoping to find a certain product on Google. When a user taps the bag icon they’ll get more details to purchase the product. Influencers and brands will be able to link items so users can buy without even leaving the app!

Image via TechCrunch

Stories are meant to show a “behind-the-scenes” look into people’s lives. The tool allows bloggers and brands to share an inside look at products and give in-depth reviews. Will be able to shop those exact items with a quick click drive more sales? Being an impulsive buyer myself, these personable product reviews will most likely feel as if I’m waiting in the queue in line at Sephora – *grabs everything and checks out*

This could be a great tool for both brands and influencers! How do you see it changing how you use social media for business? Tweet us @socialfly to share your thoughts!

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