Recap: SocialLIVE Episode 98 With One Hungry Jew!

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IGTV is here and is ready to go head-to-head with YouTube and other video content platforms. Stephanie and Courtney discuss the major update and how it is going to change the game for influencers and digital marketing.

  1. Last week, Instagram rolled out their new feature and standalone app IGTV. The best part about this tool? Anyone can upload content! IGTV allows all users to upload videos between 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length, as well as browse through other content from the accounts you follow.
  2. Following this major update, Instagram announced another milestone, the platform now has 1 billion monthly active users! While Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) is still in the lead with 2 billion users, this announcement is significant as the platform continues to roll out new features that draw a larger audience.
  3. Video calling on Instagram! We discussed this feature a few weeks ago when it was in testing, and now it’s here. The tool allows users to minimize the window and scroll through the app without ending the call. You can call anyone you can DM by hitting the video button in a chat.
  4. Instagram tested the feature first, and now Facebook is doing the same! Soon, Facebook is rolling out a  “Your Time on Facebook” feature which will show a tally of how much time you spend on the app in the last seven days, and your average time spent per day.
  5. After quitting her corporate job in 2016, Rayna Greenberg of @onehungryjew, built her brand on social media documenting her adventures at the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in New York City. Now, she and comedian Ashley Hesseltine, co-host a hilarious and majorly popular podcast Girls Gotta Eat where they discuss dating, eating, and life in 2018. Rayna stopped by SocialLIVE to dish on what it’s like to be a food and travel influencer.

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