Partnering with Influencers to Create TikTok Content

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A few weeks ago, we published a blog about real life influencers creating TikTok trends. This week, we’re going to answer the million dollar question: How, exactly, should brands utilize influencers to create TikTok content? 


With over 2 billion downloads and users spending an average of 52 minutes on TikTok a day, the app proves itself as the latest rising star of social media platforms. What began as an app used by kids has grown to be widely used and loved by teens, adults, brands, businesses and influencers alike. 


Whether you’re looking for the latest catchy song and dance, a tasty new dinner recipe, pop-culture news, or a funny video for entertainment, TikTok has something for everyone and now is the time for brands to add it into their marketing strategies.


After pooling the engagements of 50,000 beauty influencers in 2020, influencer marketing platform Traackr found that Tiktok had seen a 164% increase in sponsored posts and a 481% increase in engagements. Meanwhile, paid-for influencer posts were down for Instagram (-23%), YouTube (-10%) and Facebook (-39%). TikTok is strategically setting up partnerships and curating events to build a wider network of advertisers and marketing programs with brands, influencers and agencies worldwide.


Unlike Instagram, you don’t need to follow someone to see their content. TikTok’s algorithm learns your interests and tracks how a video is performing, and therefore shows content curated just for you. It’s the perfect platform for businesses to build awareness and reach new audiences.


Short format video content is only on the rise. Straying away from the highlight reels and picture-perfect lifestyles of those portrayed on Instagram, TikTok has become the more relatable and entertaining platform for the everyday viewer. The genuineness of those who are posting engaging TikTok content may make audiences more trustworthy of influencer’s brand and product recommendations, as we’ve seen some products quickly sell out due to viral videos. In combination with Facebook and Instagram, adding TikTok into the equation can make for the perfect campaign.


So what makes for an engaging influencer marketing campaign on TikTok?


Test Niches & Keep It Authentic

With the versatility of the app, you can be versatile with influencers as well. Tapping into influencers in a variety niches you’ve never tested before can make for thumb stopping TikTok content. A fresh spin on your product or service can peak interest and the ability to reach audiences who would enjoy it, yet haven’t been exposed to it yet. Authenticity is key to keeping it real and making a true connection. While requiring key messaging to influencers, allowing them to add their own twist to the subject can make for top tier performance and exposure in a unique and trustworthy way.


Utilize Current Trends and Emerging Features

Trends come and go extremely quickly on TikTok, but they offer a huge opportunity for videos to go viral. It’s important to stay on top of these trends and find a way to incorporate them into your strategy. Trends can range from challenges, to dances, to outfit transitions and more! Some examples include the four course meal challenge, passing the phone, and the shoe flip challenge. Joining a trend is a fun and creative way to get involved, or you can even try starting your own!


We also recommend staying on top of emerging features. Just last week, TikTok announced a range of new  interactive and responsive music creative effects, including Music Visualizer. The effects are powered by real-time and interactive music processing technologies, resulting in visual movements and transitions that move synchronously to the beat of any song from TikTok’s sounds library. Being first to move on these new effects and features is a sure way to generate buzz with your influencer campaigns.


Tell a Story

To fully get through to viewers, it must be known that they are looking to feel an emotional and relatable connection. Creating storytelling content captures attention, especially when getting personal about experiences or hot topics, and adding text overlay to the video can assist in doing so. Evoking emotion through video is a great way to get users to want to stay and learn more.

Our team of experts would love to help your brand create an influencer marketing strategy for TikTok. Email us at [email protected]!

Written By: Cara Duffy, Influencer Marketing Manager


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