3 Simple Photography Hacks for At-Home Content Creation

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Hi! My name is Rachel Li. I’m a designer at Socialfly and I enjoy taking pictures. I am by no means a professional photographer (I keep all professional equipment, lights, and props at Socialfly Studios), but I have gotten quite good at being creative and scrappy with my shots, using everyday items and different photography hacks for aesthetically appealing social content creation.

While not everyone has the ability to shoot on set or onsite, there are plenty of ways to create incredible content without leaving the comfort of your home. Keep reading for some of my favorite photography hacks for creating engaging and thumb-stopping assets right at home.

Windows of Opportunity

Natural lighting is a photographer’s best friend, but that’s not the only reason why windows make for a great make-shift set. Window sills are actually an incredible place to take pictures. In the pictures below, I am literally using my curtain as a backdrop and a couple of books to elevate the products. 

If you want the subject of the photo to be the focal point, opt for a clean, clutter-free background. However, there is such a thing as “too clean,” which can be a bit boring (insert picture of plain white wall here). Create texture by using different fabrics, like curtains, tablecloths or bed sheets.

Next Up: Add some dimension to your social content creation! In this example, I used the leaves of a plant to create a multidimensional look. Just remember to tap on the product to focus when taking the picture, and make sure your phone camera is parallel to the product so the bottle does not get distorted.

Once you’ve got your shot, pump up the brightness and contrast, crop out the extra space, and you’re good to go!

The Underwater Effect

This hack is loved by professionals and amateurs alike. To create the underwater effect, I used a clear, plastic tray and filled it up with water. I placed my object of focus on a white background and held the tray directly above with one hand, while holding my phone with the other. You’ll want to wiggle the tray a little so you get the ripple effect, but not too much or you might spill!  If it sounds like this might take some coordination, you’re spot on. I recommend having a friend nearby to lend you a helping hand.

Trying a TikTok Trend!

I’m not afraid to say that I tested out a photo trend that I saw on TikTok – and it came out pretty cool. First, you need a mirror. They say it’s best to use one without a frame or edge, but I only had this desk mirror and it worked just fine. Make sure to wipe your mirror clean before attempting this one 🙂 

Then, grab your laptop and pull up any ambient, moody background from the internet. Place the mirror on your keyboard, angle your laptop screen about 45 degrees from the mirror (so the entire mirror is filled with the background) and get your phone as close as possible without zooming in.

For this example, I grabbed a pair of earrings and placed them on the mirror. When you’re shooting pairs of something, it’s always a good rule of thumb to place one slightly behind the other to create some depth. If you’re interested in seeing some other trending photography hacks, check out the #photographyhack hashtag on TikTok!


Well, I hope you had fun following along as I tried out new hacks for at-home content creation! Let us know if you try any of these and what your thoughts are. And if you’re ready for some fresh content, get in touch with us at info@socialflyny.com – we’d love to create a selection of social-first assets for your brand!

Written By: Rachel Li, Junior Designer

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