Introducing: Snapchat Spectacles

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Do you ever wish you could replay a moment or show someone a memory the way it looked through your eyes? Well now, thanks to Snapchat (soon-to-be re-named Snap Inc.), this will be possible!

Company founder Evan Spiegel has confirmed that Snapchat is now expanding into the world of eyewear. Combining fashion and technology has been an ongoing trend in 2016 and Snapchat is about to cash in on it. Freeing our hands from our phone cameras, Snapchat Spectacles will be the latest camera accessory, set to launch this fall for the cost of $129.99.

Will the tech be worth the price tag? Let’s take a peek and find out.

Snapchat is targeting millennials by making a colorful statement. The oversized hardware will come in three different colors of your choice – black, teal, and coral. These retro-styled sunnies have a 115-degree angled camera lens and flash built in. The circular video format makes for a realistic “out of my eyes” view. To begin recording, all you need to do is press the button on the top left-hand corner of the frames. A light will shine on the inside so you know you have begun recording.

10-second videos are recorded and linked seamlessly with the social media app to await your approval in Snap memories and share with followers at a moment’s notice.

Large companies have had their hand at similar technologies in the past but ultimately failed. Does anyone remember the criticism both Google Glass and Autographer got for being dorky-looking and considered an invasion of privacy? It seems Snapchat may have solved this issue by creating trendy sunglasses with the proper technology. To let others know that they’re being recorded, a light on the outside of the glasses turns on to alert those around you.

If these Spectacles become socially accepted, who knows where Snapchat could go next, as they’ve consistently proven to stay ahead of the tech and social media game!
Here are a few things we can’t wait to experience millions of times over via Snapchat Spectacles:




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