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“Work, work, work, work, work, work”
– Rihanna, talking about Workplace, probably

As a social media agency, we’re not strangers to the concept of using Facebook at work. And, admit it, even those who don’t work at social media agencies are likely to find themselves on Facebook during work hours from time to time. Notifications don’t lie, and we see you ‘liking’ your cousin’s baby photo at 3:30 PM! (We don’t blame you though. Baby photos are the best).

Facebook is pretty much in on the fact that everyone uses its platform all the time. And it’s trying to capitalize on this with Workplace.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 11.05.21 AMPhoto via Workplace

The idea behind Workplace is simple: companies can create entire News Feeds in which their employees can interact. When you visit the Workplace website, you are prompted to watch a video that showcases this in action, which ends with the following statement: “Being a more connected workplace makes us a more productive workplace.”

The concept is a simple one. Basically, Workplace is what would happen if Facebook and LinkedIn merged, only in this instance, LinkedIn isn’t involved, and Facebook gets all of the credit. And money. Did we mention this platform costs money?

Photo via Workplace

As you see broken down in the image above, this platform will cost anywhere from $1 to $3 per employee, depending on how many employees are using the platform (with the exception of non-profits and educational institutions, which are able to use Workplace for free).

We know what you’re probably thinking: Why bother? Can’t I just use Gmail, Dropbox, Trello, Slack, Outlook, and all of these other programs instead of Workplace? You can, but Workplace is a simple solution that brings together features of all of these platforms, and more. Plus, there are quite a few companies using Workplace already, such as, Campbell’s, and Club Med. You can read some Workplace success stories here.

What do you think – is this new feature something your company is planning on using? The Socialfly team is already looking into how this platform could potentially benefit our company. If nothing else, we have a feeling this is going to give our GIF and meme-sharing game a major upgrade. After all, we’re all just Elmos dancing on the moon to Rihanna’s “Work” at heart.

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