Instagram Continues to Develop Their In-App Ads

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Yesterday, the free photo sharing platform, Instagram, announced new additions to its in-app advertising feature launched (Instagram) in 2013. Amongst these new additions are the ability to install apps, purchase or sign up for a product within the platform, and enhanced interest targeting and API.

Whereas before their ads were best for a small selection of already well-established brands that want you to remember them, their new ads will also be beneficial to direct marketers who want you to do or buy something (Tech Crunch). These new ads allow the use of Shop Now, Install Now, and Sign Up “action-oriented” buttons, which is progression from the Learn More button, introduced with photo carousel ads that first made Insta-advertisements clickable back in March.

The updated API will increase ad spending and interest targeting will be based on who users are following on Instagram and who they like on Facebook (Tech Crunch). This makes it easier for large as well as small business to market on the platform because it allows all businesses the opportunity to reach the audience best suited (Instagram) for their product. This will be accomplished through the integration of Instagram with Facebook’s ad-buying tools and the creation of the app’s own Ads API that will introduce it into the larger framework of social ad platforms (Tech Crunch).

What do you think about Instagram’s continued development of in-app ads? Do you think their new API will be beneficial to your company and worth buying into?

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