Pinterest transforming E-Commerce with new “Buyable Pins”

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Today calls for celebration for all Pinterest lovers! The word is out: Pinterest is introducing “Buyable Pins”, making online shopping that much easier for everyone. There are many different aspects of this new feature that Pinterest has developed that makes it a great tool for consumers as well as businesses. Here are some of the benefits of Buyable Pins:

  1. Easier and more enjoyable buying experience for Pinterest users

Anyone who is an avid pinner will attest to the fact that the least enjoyable aspect of Pinterest is the current buying process. When it comes to online shopping, people want it to be as quick as possible, and getting redirected to the business site can often kill the mood of the consumer.

The new Buyable Pins will feature a blue “Buy It” button next to the “Pin It” button right on the picture, making it possible for the user to purchase the item right from that page. No more redirecting! Users can quickly purchase an item and continue on pinning without disrupting the user flow of the app. Pinterest has also made the mobile formatting pleasant to work with, which is an added bonus.

  1. Large selection of Buyable Pins

Pinterest is partnering with popular online commerce platforms Shopify and Demandware, providing a large selection of businesses available to purchase from. Included in the mix are Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, and many more.

  1. Pinterest will be a happy medium between merchants and consumers.

It is free for businesses to list their items on Pinterest as Buyable Pins. Since Pinterest will not be collecting any percentage of the sales made through the app, this will prove to be an extremely profitable and advantageous outlet for many businesses.

  1. E-commerce-driven search criteria

Further adding to the pleasant experience of buying through Pinterest is the ability to search via price range. These new search terms will further drive the use of e-commerce through the platform, making it easier for users and even more beneficial for businesses.


The new Buyable Pins feature is going to transform the process of e-commerce, and there is no doubt it is going to give Pinterest a competitive advantage over other social media apps. Buyable Pins are going to be available on iPhone and iPad by the end of this month, and for Android and Desktop soon after.

Are you excited about Pinterest’s new Buyable Pins? Let us know your thoughts!

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