31 Aug Has Instagram become The New Pinterest?

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Should we change “pinspiration” to “instpiration” just yet? Up until April of 2017, Pinterest was the only social networking platform that allowed users to organize posts on their..

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01 Aug Three Tips You Need To Know For Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign On Pinterest

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With 150 million monthly active users and over 50 billion pins, Pinterest is still a fast-growing and popular social networking platform. Two-thirds of pins on Pinterest represent brands ..

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19 Jul How To Choose The Right Social Media Influencer

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When it comes to staying at the forefront of social media marketing, it is often extremely challenging for brands to keep up with the constant changes and competitive landscape. With the ..

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17 Jul 5 Facts You Need To Know About Emojis in Celebration of World Emoji Day

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Ever wondered why the date on the Apple calendar emoji is July 17? The date represents World Emoji Day, and the world is celebrating. Apple put its party hat on and changed all of the tit..

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27 Jun Social Media Influencers Are Curating Instagram Themes & You Should Too

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The perception of Instagram has changed dramatically over the last five years. Instagram no longer means “instant” and “real-time,” and if you still thought that, then consider this..

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