Has Instagram become The New Pinterest?

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Should we change “pinspiration” to “instpiration” just yet? Up until April of 2017, Pinterest was the only social networking platform that allowed users to organize posts on their feed into “boards.” Now, Instagram is rocking Pinterest’s boat.


Instagram is making headlines for emerging as one of the all-inclusive apps for social networking and visual content. From stories to live sharing to direct messaging, Instagram has it all, including collections. Their collection feature allows users to organize posts they see in their feed or the discover feed. It’s important to note that Instagram’s collections are private and don’t have a public sharing option. Pinterest boards, as we know, are public by default and have a secret option to make them for private views only.


The algorithms, Instagram noticed, was making it harder for users to maximize their news feed’s visual content while remembering what they saw. Users found it hard to go back to old posts on their feed. With the collections and save feature, we can now create boards similar to Pinterest and categorize them into genres like Home Goals, Cute Pets, Fashion Inspiration, etc.


When you see an image you like on your feed, click the little flag button to save it to your collections. It will automatically be placed in “all” pictures until you save it to a collection.


To view all of your saved images that you want to add to your collections, go to your profile and click on the flag icon.


If you haven’t started a collection yet for the saved post, just tap on the ‘+’ button and start a new group.


This is it will look like once you begin categorizing posts.


When it comes to social media marketing, it’s hard to differentiate which one is best for you. As Instagram continues to roll out new features, marketers wonder if Instagram could soon become to next Pinterest.

In regards to these two platforms, there is a lot to consider when planning your next influencer marketing or social media marketing campaign.

For targetable ads, especially when it comes to using specific micro or macro influencers, Instagram is the platform for you. The integration of ‘click to buy’ buttons make it easier for conversion rates from viewers to potential customers.

On the other hand, if your campaign craves engagement from users, Pinterest is the best option. Your campaign’s goal may be to establish relationships over email before they buy. If that’s the case, Pinterest draws in users and builds engagement.

The best option for you comes back to the goals of your digital marketing campaign and your brand. Check out our recent post on curating your next perfect influencer marketing campaign.

As of now, Instagram isn’t the new Pinterest…yet. Pinterest still has high engagement with its heavily middle-to-upper-class female dominated demographic. Instagram is a threat, but it isn’t the single app for users yet. Companies still have wiggle room and options for creating their next highly engaging social media marketing campaign.


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