27 Feb What You Need to Know About Vero

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If you were on social media at all this past weekend, you probably noticed Instagram users sharing links to their new Vero profiles. What’s Vero, you ask? We’re her..

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22 Feb The Future of News: Publishers Are Teaming Up With Alexa

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Picture this: It’s the year 2020. You’re in bed, sound asleep, and your alarm goes off. As you slowly wake up, you are desperate for your morning news update. Eager to find out everyt..

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20 Feb Influencer Spotlight: Kimia Kalbasi

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Kimia Kalbasi (@kimiaskravings) is taking on the New York food scene one Instagram at a time. Her advice to budding bloggers? Make it happ..

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15 Feb Snap Redesign: Is This The Beginning of the End?

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13 Feb The US Athletes Making History & Trending On Social

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Winter, the time of year where your Instagram feed consists of cuddling couples drinking coffee, #FlashbackFriday posts of days at the beach and snowy windows as your friends #WFH. Once e..

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12 Feb The Ads From The Big Game That We’re Still Talking About

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As many knows, the Super Bowl has become one of, if not the biggest, marquee advertising events of the year. This year was no different as the top ads quickly became the main topic of all..

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01 Feb Oscars 2018: The Surprises and the Snubs

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On Tuesday, January 23rd, film fans woke up with a twinkle in their eyes. As cinephiles eagerly awaited, there was a buzzy excitement among the community and social med..

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