26 Jan Move over Alexa and Siri, Here comes Facebook’s Portal

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Facebook recently announced it’s joining the tech hardware industry, with the launch of it’s Portal device. While Amazon Echo and Google Home have a substantial stake i..

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22 Jan What The New Facebook Algorithm Means For You

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As you may likely know, Facebook announced big changes to the News Feed. Reportedly, Facebook says we will now see more content now from friends and family, and less fr..

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19 Jan Is 2018 The Year Magazines Will Die?

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When was the last time you bought a magazine? For me, it was a few weeks ago. I was sitting at a friend’s house when I spotted a magazine I hadn’t picked up in year..

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17 Jan Identifying Your Brand's Social Media Content Needs

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It goes without saying in 2018 that content is king. Brands recognize the need to create social media content for their channels and actively invest in social media. For brands new to social, determin..

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10 Jan What 2018 Twitter Can Learn From the Top Tweets of 2017

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Although Twitter’s stock may be falling, 2017 proved the social platform is a space for unity in times of tragedy, collaboration in moments where we craved inspiration,..

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09 Jan Influencer Spotlight: Jenna Jordan

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From San Fran to NYC, Jenna Jordan found success on social media sharing her picks for affordable fashion Read More

08 Jan Top 5 Moments From The 2018 Golden Globes

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Last night was the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Typically referred to as Hollywood’s biggest party, the award show hosted a slew of celebrities and a movement. The Time’s Up movement was the r..

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02 Jan Color Theory in the Digital World 

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What catches your eye as you scroll through your feed? Chances are, it’s the colorful, beautiful images that align with that company’s branding. Color theory plays a vi..

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