Identifying Your Brand’s Social Media Content Needs

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It goes without saying in 2018 that content is king. Brands recognize the need to create social media content for their channels and actively invest in social media. For brands new to social, determining what kind of content to produce can be overwhelming. When brands first venture into the social media sphere, there are many different platforms, content types, and methods to choose from. How can brands new to social navigate the landscape to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive conversions? Here is a cheat sheet for how best to identify content needs!

Get to Know Your Consumer

The best part of social media is the ability for consumers to connect directly with the brands they know and love. Part of building brand loyalty means taking the time to get to know the customer. What are their aspirations? Their likes and dislikes?Whereas traditional advertising focuses on a customer’s psychology, social media advertising focuses on the customer’s personal brand. A person’s likes and dislikes equate to a character and the persona they present to the world. Thoughtful insights and research into customer interests help guide the type of content your customer wants to see on their news feed. If the content matches the customer’s personal brand, engagement rates will rise. When a customer follows a brand, they’re inviting that brand into a feed that gets mixed with personal moments. Ensuring your feed is relevant to your consumer will increase engagement, maintain your followers, and eventually convert to sales.

Invest in A Thoughtful Social Strategy

Once a brand recognizes their customer’s voice, they need to develop a strategy. It’s not enough anymore to post the same images across multiple platforms. Followers expect diversity in their social media, or they’ll get bored with the brand’s page. When a brand first launches their social media presence, there will be a trial and error period as they build the data that informs which posts perform best. However, with a strategy team that adapts and evolves with the insights, a brand can turn their social media presence into a profitable marketing tool.

If Content is King, Video is the Emperor

With Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook leading the way, video posts have the highest engagement and conversion rates. Consumers will more often stop and interact with a tutorial, instructional, live video than traditional product photography. Videos that incorporate the product into an everyday, natural scenario perform better than outright product photography. Finding a mix of video content and brand photography keep the content fresh and consumers engaged.

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