31 Jul Facebook Stories Expands Beyond Friends

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The list of similarities between social media giants Facebook and Snapchat has grown significantly over the last year. Most recently, Facebook updated their “Storiesâ..

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27 Jul Facebook Builds Community Through ‘Groups for Pages’

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Facebook is back at it with another exciting feature. Recently, ads and analytics are at the forefront of the platform’s updates, but the new ‘Groups for Pages’ feature focuses on com..

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24 Jul Amazon Sparks Consumer Conversation With New feature 

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Although the social media battle between Snapchat and Instagram lives on Amazon has officially tossed their hat in the ring with the rollout of ‘Amazon Spark.’ Amazon is continuously lookin..

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20 Jul Snapchat Rolls Out Creative Content Control Features

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Snapchat knows how to keep up with the times. In the photo messaging app’s battle with Instagram stories, Shapchat stepped up their game by rolling out two new features. One of the two addi..

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19 Jul How To Choose The Right Social Media Influencer

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When it comes to staying at the forefront of social media marketing, it is often extremely challenging for brands to keep up with the constant changes and competitive landscape. With the ..

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17 Jul 5 Facts You Need To Know About Emojis in Celebration of World Emoji Day

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Ever wondered why the date on the Apple calendar emoji is July 17? The date represents World Emoji Day, and the world is celebrating. Apple put its party hat on and changed all of the tit..

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12 Jul Facebook Looks For A Thumbs Up To Sell Subscriptions To Publications

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It’s no secret that many people prefer to read content via the convenience of their handheld device or personal computers. Facebook recognized this trend and took action with Instant Ar..

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11 Jul Get Started with Social Media Advertising

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Interested in how social media can attract new customers and amplify messaging to those currently in your database? Social Network Advertising is key to any strategy involving increased e..

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06 Jul Snapchat Meets Instagram Head On With New Fan-Favorite Features

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Yesterday, Snapchat rolled out an update full of fun new features that are sure to fuel the fire in their war on Instagram and Facebook s..

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