Facebook Builds Community Through ‘Groups for Pages’

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Facebook is back at it with another exciting feature. Recently, ads and analytics are at the forefront of the platform’s updates, but the new ‘Groups for Pages’ feature focuses on community growth. The platform is placing great emphasis on groups going as far as to change their mission statement to “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together” reflecting this shift.  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, recently stated,  “Look around, and our society is still so divided. We have a responsibility to do more, not just to connect the world but to bring the world closer together.” After a few months of testing, Facebook is slowly unleashing the ‘Group for pages’ feature to the millions of pages that currently exist.

So how does the ‘Group for Pages’ feature work?

There are over 70 million pages on Facebook with growing audiences and users. The group within pages feature merges this into one space that is much easier to navigate. Essentially, the feature provides a platform for discussion on niche subjects within a large page. HBO began using this function by creating a group on their page around the show ‘Big Little Lies.’ This page brought fans of the show together under HBO’s main page. Not only does this benefit HBO as the bigger business behind particular shows, but it sparks discussion and builds community.

                                                                                             Image Via: AdWeek 

Large nonprofit organizations, such as Ellie’s Way, have utilized Groups for Pages to raise awareness. Thanks to Groups for Pages, Ellie’s Way has created groups for individual states to allow users involved in these areas to come together. Users can access these groups on the particular page through the settings panel that will show a ‘group’ option. Users can then request to join a particular group created by the page administrators.

What does this mean for Businesses on Facebook and users?

This function is exciting news for Facebook users actively involved in group discussions and fan-based posting. Groups within pages serve as a medium for fans to connect to the direct page they support and follow. The feature is also an excellent way to create meaningful connections, supporting Facebook’s updated mission statement. Moreover, ‘Groups for Pages’ creates a means for page administrators and businesses to curate specific niche group that can provide value to their businesses. Through these groups, organizations can learn more about their audience to inform campaigns or general ideas.

In regards to social media marketing, this feature has a lot of potential. The new feature provides another tool for segmenting audiences and targeting advertisements. Way to go Facebook, we are excited to see this feature grow and enhance community on the platform. Tweet us @Socialfly with your thoughts on the new feature.

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