28 Oct Social Media Survival Guide: How To Get Through Your New Breakup

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Breakups can be tough. Social media doesn’t make it any easier when your profiles serve as a constant reminder of your past relationship. Social media doesn’t have to make your breakup torturous, ..

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21 Oct MSquared

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Last Thursday, Socialfly’s CEO Stephanie Abrams co-hosted the 4th annual MSquared event with producer Marni Blake Rothman of TLC’s hit show “Read More

16 Oct JARS by Dani

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What makes you want to follow someone’s Instagram? Is it the variety of filters they use, their selfies, nature scenes, cute animals and babies to gawk at, or is it the delicious food that makes you..

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13 Oct Setting Social Media Goals

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It’s important to set up goals for your social media marketing. If you are feeling hesitant on what your next steps are going to be to move your marketing forward, follow these suggestions from Kevan ..

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06 Oct 7 Tips for Handling Negative Feedback Like a Pro

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Just like any life situation, it is hard to please everyone and to ensure pure happiness when dealing with a group of people. In the social media world sometimes it’s an even harder process. So what d..

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