Social Media Survival Guide: How To Get Through Your New Breakup

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Breakups can be tough. Social media doesn’t make it any easier when your profiles serve as a constant reminder of your past relationship. Social media doesn’t have to make your breakup torturous, however. Follow these simple steps to survive it with ease.

1. Unfriend or Hide your ex’s Facebook Posts.

Save yourself from scrolling down your newsfeed to find a picture of your ex and his or her new beau. If you ended your relationship on a good note and don’t want to cut your ex out of your life for good, consider hiding his or her posts from your newsfeed.

If you are ready to pull the plug altogether and have no intensions of ever seeing him or her again, unfriend your ex for a more permanent fix. Unfriending your ex can be the perfect push to help you move on.

If you find yourself ‘stalking’ your ex’s Facebook page daily, consider blocking his or her page. Creeping on your past significant other’s page will only prevent you from moving on.


2.  Unfriend or block your ex’s friends and family.

Coming across pictures of your ex’s friends and family can be distressing. Avoid the constant reminder of your past relationship by unfriending or blocking them. Be sure to evaluate your relationship with them before you do this, however. You don’t want to cut ties with friends or family members that you knew before you started your relationship.


3. Change your Facebook relationship status to single.

It’s time to change your Facebook relationship status to single. Holding on to your digital relationship status will prevent you from getting the closure you need. Your profile adjustment doesn’t need to be public, however. When changing your relationship status, make sure to click the “only me” sharing option. This will change your status in your profile without sending out a public announcement.


4. And finally, get back out there!

While social media can make breakups tougher, it can also help you meet someone new! Social apps are extremely hot right now and can help you meet Mr. or Ms. Right. (or, Mr. right now.) Check out Hinge, Tinder, JSwipe or Coffee Meets Bagel and start swiping right!

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