7 Tips for Handling Negative Feedback Like a Pro

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Just like any life situation, it is hard to please everyone and to ensure pure happiness when dealing with a group of people. In the social media world sometimes it’s an even harder process. So what do you do when someone is not happy with your brand’s social media?


I am going to provide you with some some tips off of Nate Smith’s guide for dealing with negative feedback on clients’ social media pages.
Here are the Seven Tips:
1.) Create a Process
– You and your team should establish a way in which you handle any feedback whether it is good or bad it is important to make sure the right person deals with it depending on the issue.
2.) Identity the Type of Feedback
-There are four different types of negative feedback:
 a. Pressing
 c. Disgruntled
 d. Spam
It is important to figure out what feedback you are receiving.
3.) Respond to Everything…Within Reason
Sometimes they are people who are unreasonable and it is important to remember that, but for those who aren’t an apology or a means to a solution go a long way!
4.) Have Patience, Be Helpful, Make Changes
Remember patience is a virtue and the better you handle a situation, the more respect you will gain.
5.) Give Your Audience a Chance
Let the people who are advocates for your brand or company do the talking sometimes and intervene when you feel that your place is necessary. Your customers could be just as well-versed with your brand than you are.
6.) Know When to Take it Offline
If any conversation starts to spiral and you don’t know where it might end up it’s best to direct message a customer rather than your whole feed spectate.
7.) Don’t Take it Personally
Do the best you can to handle any situation with your best judgement and don’t lose sleep over it!
Now all you social media marketers can go on with this new knowledge and be able to handle any negative social media situation in the future.

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