Gen Z’s Social Media Habits & Purchasing Power

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In today’s rapidly evolving social media landscape, understanding the social habits and purchasing power of Generation Z (Gen Z) has become crucial for businesses aiming to thrive in the market. Born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, Gen Z is the first generation to grow up entirely in the digital age, shaping their behaviors, preferences, and consumer habits in unique ways.

Here is what we know for sure: Gen Z spends a lot of time online. And what exactly are they searching for and engaging with? Video.

Spoiler: we often think Gen Z is synonymous with TikTok, but the Morning Consult’s recent report says otherwise. YouTube is the most-used platform for this generation, with over 80% spending their time on the app. (We also confirmed this last week when we sponsored and spoke at Youth Marketing Strategy, a Gen Z-focused marketing conference).

Brands tapping into Gen Z’s social habits must prioritize authenticity, inclusivity, and engagement to resonate with this digitally savvy audience. Influencer marketing, user-generated content (UGC), and interactive experiences are some effective strategies to capture the attention and loyalty of these consumers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok.

We know that social media plays a central role in the lives of this generation, serving as a primary source of connection, information, and entertainment. That said, the organic and paid content on these platforms must align with Gen Z’s values, offer seamless digital experiences, and prioritize social impact.

Despite facing economic uncertainties, this generation is characterized by its desire for unique, personalized experiences and sustainable, socially responsible products. By understanding and adapting to the social habits and preferences of this generation, businesses can forge meaningful connections and foster brand loyalty in this dynamic consumer demographic.

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Written By: Melanie Granuzzo, Account Director


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