When A Real Pokémon Appears In New York City

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What happens when we hear that there’s a Pokémon on the loose in Bryant Park? We go on a Poké-hunt to catch it!

We heard there was a wild Pokémon in Bryant Park!

1 pokemon_loose
Getting HYPED.

So we went on over…

2 walking_park
Look how fast we’re going.

And began our search!

3 looking_pokemon
Where you at, Pokémon?

A wild Pikachu appeared!

4 pokemon_sighting

The elusive Pikachu proves hard to catch.

5 elusive_pikachu
Come on, Pikachu.

When there’s a Pikachu sighting…

6 running_pokemon
Everyone comes running, running, running, running.

Where are you going, Pikachu!?

7 pikachu_running
Come back. 🙁

Getting away? Not on our watch!

8 caught_pikachu

We interviewed this Pikachu on our second episode of SocialLive on Wednesday! Click here to see the interview and more social media updates!

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