What Can’t Instagram Do? Re: Liking Comments & Removing Followers Are Now Things

Posted at 9th-Dec-2016 in Uncategorized | Leave a reply

With a recent update, Instagram gave users the ability to ‘Like’ other people’s comments on posts. If you update your app you will now see a small heart next to each comment, and if you tap the icon the commenter will be notified that you liked their post.


In addition to this update, Instagram is also taking a stab at increasing safety measures on the app by giving users the ability to block abusive comments and limit who can see their posts. That’s right, as long as your account is set to private, you will now have the ability to remove followers without blocking them, and turn comments off for specific posts. In other words, get ready to turn your hater blockers on.

Photo Credits: Instagram via Wired.

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