Top 5 Vine Celebrities

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The range of creativity on Vine has surpassed the ordinary home videos, and there are certain vine users who have really made a name for themselves. Sometimes what you find amusing depends on what type of humor and interests you have, and Vine offers you to explore various channels, such as comedy, arts & experimental, cats, dogs, family, beauty & fashion, food, health & fitness, nature, music, news & politics, special FX, sports, urban and weird. Creating vines take skill, so here are the top five vine celebrities who have made an impression.

1. Brittany Furlan

This vine celebrity has 2.3 million followers and has been one of the most followed people on this application. She is an aspiring actress who uses vine’s creative platform to create hilarious videos.

2. Jessi Smiles

This vine superstar from Miami, Florida recently hit her millionth follower. She posts daily and uses her fun sense of humor to charm her followers.

3. Brandon Calvillo

This Viner is from California and is relatable to his audience because of his awkwardness and wit. His mother even makes appearances in his vines by getting him more nervous about dates that he goes on.

4. Simon Rex

As an actor, comedian, television host, recording artist, record producer and media personality, Simon Rex has created an entertaining vine feed that appeals to his many followers.

5. Curtis Lepore

Curtis Lepore, also known as DIRTYCURT on Vine, uses specialized lenses and interesting views throughout his vine feed.

The use of Vine can even stir up a flirty relationship! Two Vine celebrities, Jessi Smiles and Curtis Lepore began flirting through vine and ended up meeting each other for the first time in front of a live audience. After this meet up, the two rose to even more social media fame and developed a community of followers.

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