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Fantasy Football

With all the talk about the 2013 football season starting to fill the air, Socialfly just couldn’t help but get in on the action.  With social media, especially Twitter, playing more and more of a role in how teams and players communicate with fans, we felt it would be professionally irresponsible if we did not participate!

Thus, the 2013 Socialfly Fantasy Football team was born…or should we say, drafted!  While week 1 was a disappointing start to Team Socialfly’s inaugural season, we are still confident our squad has what it takes to make a championship run.  While players such as Drew Brees and Reggie Bush got us of to a quick start, putting up some strong yardage totals and a few touchdowns, the rest of the Socialfly squad failed to do their part.  Losing the game by fewer than 7 points was disheartening.  However, a silver lining lies in the number of points scored by our reserve players.  Yes, you can say it was our own poor management that left those points on our bench, but we refuse to dwell on the past and have already begun moving forward ready to dominate week 2!  While the injury bug did nip us, losing New England Patriot Running Back Shane Vereen for several weeks, we are excited to see players such as Falcons Wide Receiver Roddy White providing social media updates to his fantasy football owners.  As his tweet stated…

RoddyWhite copy


Thank you Roddy.  We are listening.  Now if he could only encourage the players on Team Socialfly’s roster to be as social media savvy!  Maybe Roddy would like to pursue a career in Social Media Marketing after retirement?  If he continues to leverage social media to help fantasy football fanatics, I think we can find a spot for him here at Socialfly.

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