TikTok’s Takeover Timeline | What You Need To Know

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If you’re having a hard time keeping up with TikTok’s ever-changing forecast, Socialfly is here to help. As recently as September 27, TikTok received yet another reprieve from the lurking danger of being blacklisted within the US market.

If your brand hasn’t looked at TikTok yet, it might be time. Users, on average, are spending 52 minutes per day with the platform and open the app at least 8 times per day; the size of this captive audience is much too massive to ignore! From US audiences alone, TikTok stands to make $500,000,000.

Many TikTok loyalists do not realize that the app is a successor to a lesser-known app called Musical.ly – also known for its seamless musical integrations and video functionality. The journey from Musical.ly to TikTok is certainly an intriguing one. We’ve broken down the key takeaways for you.

The tumultuous past of the app is nothing short of entertaining; it seems that with each passing day, the novela gets better and better. We’re tracking the future of TikTok very closely. If you’re ready to reconsider your TikTok strategy, we’d love to talk.

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