Maximizing Your Whitelisting Success

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At Socialfly, we’ve had great success marrying two of our core competencies: influencer marketing and paid media strategy. We’ve launched dozens of integrated campaigns, deploying a hybrid whitelisting approach. After these successful campaigns, we’ve gathered insightful learnings that we’d love to share with you in order for you to maximize brand impact!

Not familiar with whitelisting? It is the process of obtaining appropriate permissions from contracted talent, running paid ads across social media through their personal pages. Whitelisting combines the power of influence with the unique targeting and optimization capabilities of advertising to drive real brand results!

Below are our findings for a client within the personal care space:

Whitelisting content drove +422% higher ad CTR compared to traditional ads.
Influencer content feels more native and acts as a brand endorsement. 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from influencers over ads from brands, and 63% of females and 37% of males have purchased a product due to an influencer recommendation.

The power of influence is most effective on the influencers’ followers.
Followers who have previously engaged with an influencer’s organic content were 26% more likely to click on a whitelisted ad as compared to general brand prospects.

A hybrid approach may be the way to go.
Consider branded ads from your owned channels, but make sure to integrate both influencer direct whitelisting as well as influencer curated assets into your content mix. Ads disseminated from a client’s Facebook and Instagram pages featuring influencer sourced content yielded a click-through-rate +40% than native influencer whitelisted ads.

Ready to see how an influencer campaign amplified through whitelisting will drive your business forward? Reach out to! We’d love to work with you.

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