5 Tips: The Key to Instafame

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by: Gabrielle Stadlen


Insta fame

Any Instagram user’s ultimate goal is to be coined as “instafamous.” Its not simply how many followers you have, but how many liketheir work. It also catches those who are lazy at home and just waking up (everyone knows the morning ritual: wake up, check yos you get.  But what types of pictures bring in the most likes?  A recent study conducted at Georgia Tech proved that Instagram photos with faces in them get 38% more likes. So prepare your best selfies and with these 5 tips you can achieve the perfect insta:

1. Filters are encouraged- Every insta can’t capture a beautiful sunset or ocean view where we can proudly flaunt the no filter hashtag. On your average #tbt or #selfiesunday the appropriate filter will bring in tons of likes. Not too edited to make it blurry, but just enough to brighten up the colors, enhance your tan, and attract your follower’s attention.

2. Caption is key- Although an appropriate filter is important, nothing attracts more likes than a catchy caption. Whether you’re captioning your pizza insta, “In pizza we crust,” or your yummy s’mores, “I’ll take s’more please” the perfect clever caption will not only make your followers laugh but also bring in a bunch of likes.

3. Time is of the essence– Timing is everything when striving for likes. To ensure maximum exposure for your Instagram you don’t want to post too early or too late. There are two key times: 12pm and 6pm. Midday people at work and school are getting bored and distracted and are looking for a quick Instagram break to get their mind of ur insta, then your day can begin). 6pm is the other prime insta time. Your followers are sitting on their way home from work looking to pass time, and what better way than by scrolling through the Instagrams they missed that day.

4. An insta a day keeps the doctor away– But more than that will definitely scare off your followers. Double Instagrams in one day are only acceptable on special occasions. If your names popping up too often on people’s feeds they’ll be more inclined to unfollow you and there goes your ratio.

5. Avoid using hashtags for likes– As tempting as it is to include endless hashtags to attract more likes, your followers will instantly resent your efforts and ignore your post. Throwing in one or two hashtags will create the perfect balance between them and your caption and emojis.

Follow these 5 tips and instafame will be around the corner!

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